My day

April 24, 2013

My day was good.I played minecraft and made a castle.It was fun.I like minecraft.You should try it.Creepers blow up and seltons have bows but don’t die.Spiters clim walls.


Facebook Tests

June 29, 2010

Well, the testing is currently inconclusive.  Social RSS did a terrible job… it finally posted one test, but it was 3 days late.  The other says it already posted the one from last night, but I don’t see it on my profile.  Withholding judgement.


June 28, 2010


Hello again!  So, as many of you know, our house is currently on the market, so we’ve been busy getting it ready, keeping it clean, and watching as… well, as no one buys it.  But, it’s still early in the summer, and there’s lots of good stuff to focus on.

A lot has happened since the last blogs, so I’ll try to catch you up for my part.

One of the coolest things is that I got to play soccer this year!  It’s really great, and I learned a lot.  There’s a lot of strategy in soccer.  Teamwork is key, and controlling the field is critical.  For other budding players out there, let me give you a basic breakdown of how 4 year old soccer is played:

25% – Throwing grass.  They put a lot of grass on those fields.  Way too much.  The idea is to pull grass out by the handfuls and throw it at opposing players, teammates, or just into the air indiscriminately.

40% – Hugging.  Soccer is really about camaraderie.  Nothing says “Nice job pulling grass” like a good long hug in the middle of the game.

20% – Holding hands.  This is like hugging, but it can be done while running, which is sometimes important.

10% – Standing where you coach tells you to stand.  Sometimes you’re supposed to stand in the circle, and sometimes you’re supposed to stand outside the circle, and sometimes you’re supposed to stand by the line, and sometimes your’e supposed to sit.  I studied this carefully and determined that it has something to do with what area has the most grass that needs to be pulled, but I’m a bit fuzzy on the specifics.

5% – Chasing and kicking the ball. I’m not actually sure this is what we’re supposed to be doing, since all the parents seemed to yell the most when we were trying to get the ball. I think maybe we weren’t sharing enough.

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Ok, what else?  Uncle Paul graduated from college, but I wasn’t able to go to the graduation.  Daddy went up for it, but it was really far away, so Mommy, Alex, and I stayed home.  So congrats to Uncle Paul!

Otherwise, we’re spending the summer doing all my favorite things: playing in sprinklers, swimming, catching bugs, and just chilling.  One of my favorite things to do now is to go to Sci-Quest!. It’s really awesome. Daddy hasn’t gotten to go yet because we keep going while he’s at work, but he says he wants to take me soon, too.  Mommy seems to think a lot of the exhibits are gross, but I really don’t see anything wrong with them.  I mean, it’s not REAL barf that I’m making come out of the mouth.

Oh!  I got to go to the zoo with my friend Daniel, too!  We used to hang out when we were both in Cookeville, but I don’t get to see him much anymore, so it was really great.  It was also like 95 degrees and REALLY high humidity, so it pretty well wiped us both out, but I loved it.  My favorite animals where the elephants and giraffes.  Since the reptile house is cooled, we spent a lot of time in there, too.

Mommy and Daddy picked up a Hooked on Phonics set for me, too!  It’s awesome.  It comes with a DVD, but my favorite is the workbook.  The first lesson is *at words.  I learned words like at, bat, cat, sat, fat, mat, and pat.  There’s even a story I can read all by myself!!  As you might imagine, it centers around a cat and rat, whom are patted and sat on a hat.  I don’t mind the review parts as long as I get to read the story, and Mommy and Daddy say I’m ready for the next section tomorrow (We just got it Saturday).

Guess that’s it for now.  Mommy and Daddy signed me up or a dinosaur camp this week, and I’m really excited, but the camp isn’t for several weeks.

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Hi everybody!  Since it’s been 3 months since we’ve really blogged, I’ve grown up quite a bit!  Have I started walking yet?  Nope.  Have I learned any new words?  Nope.  I’ve done something much more important.  I’ve learned to work with my hands.  What kind of stuff can I do?  Well, I can open the TV cabinet and eject movies, I can turn off surround sound speakers, I can pull keys off a keyboard, and more!  I’d like to continue to advance my skills, but it seems like Daddy is intentionally keeping me out of the study.

I’m pretty much taking my time on the walking and talking stuff.  I figure I’ll have plenty of years of that.  Thing is, right now I can pretend like I don’t understand what Mommy and Daddy are saying.  What’s that?  Don’t pull out that power cable?  I have no idea what you’re talking about!  Don’t throw my food on the floor?  Quit hitting my brother in the face?  Sorry guys… maybe I’ll understand when I’m older.

I turn 1 year old on Wednesday!  Sure went fast, didn’t it?  Seems like only yesterday that I was crawling around in diapers, pulling out power cables, throwing my food on the floor, and hitting my brother in the face.  Where did the time go?


June 26, 2010

Facebook + WordPress Retest


June 25, 2010

Testing to see if this will show up on facebook.

To Blog or Not to Blog

June 25, 2010

So, we’re at a sort of cross roads.  Blog or Facebook.

On one hand, almost everyone that reads this blog is on Facebook, and facebook is an easy way to do quick updates, but it’s so cluttered.

So, in an attempt to compromise, I’m going to see if we can get wordpress posts to show up automatically in facebook.  If that’s possible, then this site can be where we post our updates, and it will show up everywhere we want it to.

So why not just blog exclusively?  Well, as Opa recently mentioned, it’s a rather unrewarding endeavor.  The entire point of the blog is for people to read it, but there’s no obvious way to know who’s really reading and who isn’t.  Many people will read blogs and not comment.  Others will read blogs via third party sites like RSS readers, so you don’t even see that it was read at all.  And when compared to facebook, they just seem so formal.  I don’t want to feel obligated to post when I don’t feel like posting, but if a blog isn’t updated regularly people quit checking back for updates, so it’s a pretty mean cycle.  The less you write, the less people remember to visit, so the less rewarding writing is.

But let’s see if we can make this compromise work.

Good Times

March 11, 2010

More pictures! So, if you’re wondering how we decide what pictures to upload, we only pick the great ones. Of course, not all of our pictures going to be great if you’re gonna judge by color or composition (or even focus!), but I promise the subject matter will always be top notch… because… you know… they’re pictures of me. And Alex.

New Gallery Up!

March 8, 2010

Remember how I said that Daddy was working on stream-lining our picture posting?  Well, it just became more important, because we got a new camera, and he’s been taking lots of pictures…. too many to put on here, really.  So instead, I’ll post a few favorites, and you can click one to see the rest of the set.  Enjoy!

From 030810
From 030810
From 030810
From 030810


March 8, 2010

Daniel: Mommy, your pants are wearing out
Mommy: What?
Daniel: Your pants have holes in them
Mommy: I know. It’s sad.
Daniel: Why?
Mommy: Well, I’ll have to get new ones.
Daniel: Why?
Mommy: I don’t want to wear pants with holes in them
Daniel: Won’t that make them grubby pants?
Mommy: I don’t want grubby pants.
Daniel: When my pants wear out, I don’t cry like a baby.  I use them for other man stuff like working on cars.

Pictures and Pinnacles

February 23, 2010


Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me and Daniel up to the mountain.  We parked at the bottom and walked up to the lookout.  It was really cool!  I rode in the stroller mostly, but I fussed enough to get carried for a bit of it.  Daniel mostly walked, which made it easier on Daddy, since he was pushing the stroller and it was kinda steep.  It was also kinda tough on Daddy because Daniel left his jacket in the house and we hadn’t brought a blanket, so Daddy let Daniel wear his jacket. It wasn’t super cold (low 50s… whatever that means), so I think he was ok until we got to the top and stopped for a snack.  Then he got these weird bumps on his arms and he started rocking back and forth and muttering incoherently.

Standing up is neat-o!  At first, I just pulled up on stuff, but I’ve noticed that if I move my feet a bit, I can actually move along objects.  This works best on the couch, which has a long straight edge, but it works around my standing toys and my crib, too.  I have also discovered this amazing trick where I stick out my tongue and make this amazing slobbery sound.  I think Mommy called it blowing raspberries.  I don’t talk about them.  I just do them.


So, since our camera has quit working, Mommy and Daddy decided to get a new one, but apparently the new one is fancier than the old one and I’m not going to be allowed to use it.  Instead, Daddy suggested that I get one of these:

So I did!  I used some of my Christmas money and we ordered it.  I LOVE it!  My favorite part is that I can push a button and it puts Disney characters in the picture, so I can make it look like Tigger is playing with Daddy or that Pooh is next to Mommy.  The latter, of course, is extremely appropriate, as she spends most of her time with poo anyway.

Daddy says he’ll help me upload the pictures soon, so I’ll get some samples up here.


From a conversation a few days ago:
Daniel: Mommy, what’s he doing?
Mommy: That’s Luge.  It’s like sledding.
Daniel:  He’s doing that really well!

Grammar nazis of the world rejoice!  Our four year old uses “well” and “good” appropriately 🙂